Saturday, 12 October 2013

Heck, this is me... XD

(Both of these sides are me: I'm goth but also a lolita who is a sucker for creepy and cute things.)

For the very first time I decided to write a blog and what better way to start it with introducing the person who is going to it.
But like with each introduction of oneself it's like:

What I'm gonna tell about myself? 
What interesting things are there to tell about me?

Also you don't wanna make it sound like you are a self centered person who praises themselves into the heights of heaven.

It really is the hardest thing to do. Just to simply sit down and share your personality with the human who is going to read this text. Actually the simplest things are always the most difficult to do such as just saying who you are, describing anything you see everyday and where it never ever would occur to you to.
You may wanna sit down and try it yourself. Just do it. Give it a try and describe something plain such as a single blade of grass, a cloud, a flower petal, a raindrop. I can bet you will find it truly hard to achieve.

Then again a personality is never that simple and I suppose mine definitely isn't. There is so much more to me then you witness at first. My interests couldn't differ any more in a variety than they really do. Which is why I named this blog 'Two Of A Coin'.
In the future there will be so many different topics I'm going to write about. They might be about the cutest stuff I adore like animation movies by DreamWorks, Pixar and Disney, fluffy animals or anything else you can imagine that goes this direction.

Yet I can get all nerdy and talk forever about a comic or a movie I love. For example: I could go on for hours about the X-men movies, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Wolverine (both movies) and I'm also a HUGE MIB fan. But that is just the start of the list. Though, you will never catch me going bonkers over a romance. These are too mushy and citchy for me. Only one romance movie crawled it's way into my heart and I never failed to watch it when it aired on TV.

(I just really love this movie. Credits:

Then there is this side of me that is a sucker for a huge range of creepy and scary things. I have a huge collection of horror movies, mostly korean & japaense productions, because I believe them to be the best. Rarely I get impressed by an american production but there are actually some I find really good. Not only horror movies but also Halloween, ghost stories and anything occult catches my interest.

Moreover there is this side of me that just loves the japanese Culture and that includes all of it (Food, music, history, ancient architecture, movies, Manga, Anime, Fashion, especially lolita fashion which I also wear, etc.).
My all time favourite japanese band will always be Dir en Grey, though I have others I like very much. But no other voice soothes me more than Kyo's (Can't even think of one who achieved this yet but him). I really really never could stay mad at him when he would start singing for me... or anyone who starts to play Diru's music in the background. It'd be an unfair move, I tell you.
This leads me to my love for music. I'm really passionate about it and always look for new bands that strike me with their awesomeness. Yet there is a huge range of them I'd just die for to see live in a concert and I hope one day I'll see them all. I don't go for a certain genre of music but I enjoy the harder tunes mostly. Though, Jazz and Singer&Songwriter is something I really love to listen to aswell. Music where the componists really put in their thought and heart get me since there will be an energy and dynamic you don't get from commercial music that is played so often these days.

Sometimes you will catch me writing about german politics or politics in general since I also hold a great interest for this. I like to observe what is going on since I think it's always good to stay informed and not ignore. Politics and lobbyists shouldn't just do as they please without us protesting, because if not us then who will stop their despotism? No one, that's right. This is why I see it also as one of my responsibilities to share my mind about it.
You might have asked yourself: why is she intersted in german politics? Well, it's a simple answer: I'm german. Not proud to be one most of the time but yes I am one.
And since we went down to one general fact about me I should share a few more:
I'm an art student in her last semester before graduation. Yet I will see what I'm going to do after I'm finished. I'd love to illustrate child books, because I think this is where you can still be the most creative and I also love books and literature itself. (I'll never go for ebooks, I'm old fashioned this way. I prefer printed paper in a cover over a touch screen.)
Later I think I'd really love to do movies, animation movies, cartoons. It is my dream and I hope to achieve it someday.
Like my dream is to leave germany and go to an other country. I think I wouldn't mind living somewhere in the UK, Australia or Canada. I don't exclude the US either but all about moving I'll think about when there is the option and money.
Well, I said quite a lot now and I'm sure I will reveal more about me in my next posts so I hope I caught your interest. I look forward to share an other piece of my mind with you in the future.



  1. Willkommen im Kreis der Blogger! ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


  2. Auch von mir ein herzliches Willkommen ^___^~